The Joint Jack Company specializes in products that are effective in rehabilitation of the hand and upper extremity.

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Hand-Wrap is a knitted cotton fabric designed for constant unchanging pressure. Elastic bandages tend to tighten and "band" into tight strips causing swelling distally. Gauze wrap tends to loosen and shift with motion and time. Hand-Wrap holds position and the pressure you apply remains quite constant over long periods.

Hand Wrap

  • Hand-Wrap is now available in 2", 3", 4", and 6" widths pre-packaged for office or hospital use.

Hand Dressing

Apply fluffs or bulk dressing primarily in the palm and on the dorsum until the anterior, posterior bulk exceeds the width of the hand. This converts the pressure from laterally on the index and little finger metacarpals to even anterior posterior pressure as the Hand-Wrap is applied.

Robert Jones Leg Dressing

Apply thick layer of rolled cotton batting from upper thigh to toes. Apply 6" Hand-Wrap evenly over the entire dressing and secure with tape.